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How to upload data to an development server in appengine (MAC OSx)

First download your data as described here.

Then install Charles Proxy App, start the proxy. Set in Proxy -> Proxy Settings to use not the 8888 port.

Finally start your development server and run this in the console.

$ python /path/to/library/google_appengine_python_1.5.5/ upload_data –url=http://localhost:8888/remote_api –file=test.csv –application=your_app_id – –passin

How to download data from an appengine app.

From the command line

$ python /path/to/library/google_appengine_python_1.5.5/ download_data –application=your_app_id –url= –filename=test.csv

How to use JSTL in Appengine.

1. You DONT’T have to include JSTL support in your web.xml
2. In your JSP put this attribute: isELIgnored=”false” ie:

Por qué Google eligió Jetty y no Tomcat para correr en Appengine

GAE storage article by IBM

Remote datastore lib

Web Services over Appengine

You can use this lib

GAE vs EC2


DAOs with Objectify

Calling appengine from gwt dispatch